New York Firehouse Fire Demonstrates Importance of Adequate Fire Department Insurance

Firefighters are usually rushing to respond to emergencies within their communities, but one New York Fire Department experienced an unfortunate blaze a little too close to home. A massive fire at the Golden’s Bridge fire station in Westchester County, New York has left firefighters without a firehouse after the inferno damaged a significant portion of the building as well as several pieces of machinery.


Irreparable Damage to the Golden’s Bridge Building and Equipment

According to, the blaze erupted from a faulty electrical assembly connected to a fire truck parked in the building. A few firemen stationed at the Golden’s Bridge location realized that the building was on fire and moved some equipment out of harm’s way before ultimately abandoning the structure. Other machinery could not be salvaged and was lost in the flames.

Fire Department Insurance is the Best Defense

Incidents that result in substantial property and real estate damages like the Golden’s Bridge station fire demonstrate the importance of maintaining adequate and up-to-date fire department insurance coverage. In New York Fire District Officer’s Guide, author Raymond S. DiRaddo provides best practices for assessing and implementing appropriate insurance coverage.

For instance, DiRaddo claims that the Board of Fire Commissioners should evaluate their fire department insurance package on an annual basis and review multiple policy options to determine which is best for the organization. A complete package may include elements such as:

  • Coverage for the property of others
  • Insurance protecting against liability for personal injury or death

Recovering Costs for Damaged Fire Equipment

The Washington Post stated that a fire truck worth hundreds of thousands of dollars succumbed to the Golden’s Bridge blaze. Valuable contents like this should be included in a comprehensive inventory of items stored in fire stations, which may be provided to the Office of the Comptroller in an inventory of fixed assets. The inventory can be appraised and the value covered by the fire department insurance.

Ensure Your Fire Department is Prepared

OSHA requirements, bond issuance regulation, reserve fund rules, election procedures and forms— any one of these requirements could cause legal trouble for your fire district. An nyfdinexpensive solution is New York Fire District Officer’s Guide, written by Raymond S. DiRaddo. This helpful guide includes: (1) more than 260 forms and resolutions; and (2) quick answers to your day-to-day operating and legal questions such as officers’ functions and duties, formation and operation, personnel, financial, and contracts. New York Fire District Officers’ Guide also explains how to remain in compliance while performing all your management duties, including election, bond issues, insurances, and more.

Administering a fire district continues to grow more difficult. This guide leads you step-by-step through the administrative pitfalls, and will help your fire district run efficiently, solve management problems, and meet its legal obligations.