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Our Gift to You– Free Reference Chart for Criminal Jury Charges

For legal practitioners in Texas, it may require extensive time to research various criminal jury charges, along with underlying case laws. For a quick reference guide for criminal jury offenses, please read the following chart excerpted from Texas Criminal Jury Charges. QUICK REFERENCE CHART   OFFENSE LESSER-INCLUDED CASE SUPPORT Capital Murder Murder Cantu v. State, […]

Opposing Private Sector Business Records as Admissible Evidence

For all attorneys, a word of caution is warranted. Experience has shown that far too much evidence is unopposed. Before conceding that the opposition is using admissible evidence, you should first consult the applicable Opposition Checklist. This checklist will help you oppose business records as admissible evidence. Opposition Checklist– Reasons it is not Admissible Evidence: 1. The record was not […]

Divorce-Related Abductions And A Father’s Fight For Parental Rights

Divorce-related child abductions lead to immeasurable heartbreak for children and parents and defy the principles of child custody law. That’s what Colorado father Dennis Burns learned on September 9, 2010, when the most important things in his life – his two daughters –were kidnapped and taken to Argentina by his former wife. Parental Rights Becomes […]

Litigators, Which Discovery Tool will Benefit You the Most?

Charles Adant Du Picq once said, “The instruments of battle are valuable only if one knows how to use them.” This notion holds true for many civil practitioners today. For all litigators, whether state or federal, there are six basic discovery weapons or devices. It is imperative to understand all aspects of discovery tools in […]

False Results for Drunk Driving Tests Disadvantage DUI Defendants

During DUI cases, prosecuting attorneys tend to present scientific evidence like blood alcohol concentration test results as infallible. However, reports that a California laboratory produced inaccurate test results in several drunken driving cases demonstrate that scientific procedures and machinery are not always as reliable as criminal justice officials present them to be.   Machine Malfunction […]

Are Business Executives Receiving “Get Out of Jail Free” Cards Despite Evidence? Toyota Case Suggests They Might

Although prosecutors threatened that Toyota employees would be taken into custody for their involvement in covering up faulty car parts, it doesn’t seem likely that anyone will be held personally responsible. The company was slapped with a $1.2 billion penalty, the largest ever against an auto manufacturer, but no one is facing criminal charges in […]

New York Firehouse Fire Demonstrates Importance of Adequate Fire Department Insurance

Firefighters are usually rushing to respond to emergencies within their communities, but one New York Fire Department experienced an unfortunate blaze a little too close to home. A massive fire at the Golden’s Bridge fire station in Westchester County, New York has left firefighters without a firehouse after the inferno damaged a significant portion of […]