Paltrow and Martin Agree on Joint Custody After Their “Conscious Uncoupling” | Free Gift Inside

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Gwyneth Paltrow and husband Chris Martin have  announced their divorce and dubbed it a conscious uncoupling. While the buzz phrase wasn’t invented by Paltrow, she certainly has thrust it into the general public’s view.

The process reportedly involves a transition from sorrow to peace and helps free the involved parties from their trauma. However, the couple did agree to share joint custody of their two children so the court will order that it is legally binding.

Negotiating Joint Custody From a Position of Power

Divorce Tools & Techniques offers attorneys help with forms for parents who are working through the process of custody issues as they try to resolve parenting schedules that work best for their children and their lifestyle. Sole custody is not desirable when a parent hasn’t been the main caregiver or when their goal is just an attempt to negotiate from a more advantageous financial position in court.

Instead, parents have the option of seeking mediation or dispute resolution. This gives them the advantage of retaining some control over how their children will be raised. Continue on for a free gift that will help establish a joint custody agreement.

Joint Custody Conflicts Following a Divorce Can be Prevented

Parenting agreements can be difficult to negotiate because of the challenges of working out differences between two families. Conflicts can arise over vacation time, holidays, education decisions, living arrangements and a host of other disagreements, some of them very unique. In other cases, a parent might not live up to their responsibilities.

Fortunately,  law offices have a few solutions to these problems that they can pass on to clients. These documents can help people avoid problems before they arise as the attorney can draft a resolution ahead of time. If a document is already prepared, the person who raises the issue has already approached the issue from a place of power that they can maintain. To help clearly define a joint custody agreement ahead of time, use this form that we are offering as a free gift to our readers.

Helping Clients Help Themselves

Forms are a great starting point to help clients with what they need. However, they are just a tool and need to be crafted for each specific situation. Some parties use forms and later find out that they don’t address their needs. A law firm can add to their library of forms on a yearly basis, which benefit clients so they can start on the road to a divorce settlement. Additionally, it is vital to have an action plan.


A divorce is an emotional and legal minefield. Without a detailed plan of action, even an experienced practitioner can be flummoxed by “routine” custody arrangements or property valuation issues; the danger is even greater when the case involves complicated issues arising out of a prenuptial agreement, a bankruptcy, or a family business.

Divorce Tools & Techniques is your action plan. From the initial meeting with a prospective client through trial and post-judgment matters, Divorce Tools & Techniques provides step-by-step guidance based on author Rory T. Weiler’s 30+ years’ experience handling divorce cases. For example, you will learn how to:

  • Lay the groundwork for trial early in the attorney-client relationship
  • Take control of negotiations without saying a word
  • Deal with a recalcitrant client
  • Deal with a stubborn client
  • Deal with a forgetful witness

Manage the ups and downs of the divorce process and achieve the best for your clients with this practical and affordable guide.