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Finding The Right Engineering or Technical Expert – Part I

By Michael D. Leshner, P.E Attorneys often need to find experts to engage in technical investigations, provide opinions and give testimony. Before starting your search for an engineering or technical expert, you should consider the following: What kind of expertise is needed? Every case is different, and different kinds of cases require different kinds of […]

11 Asset Protection Myths to Share With Clients

Excerpted from Asset Protection Strategies By Dustin Nichols, Mark Ziebold, & Alan Eber People need to protect their assets for many reasons including: Expanding legal theories of liability. Outrageous jury awards sparked by bias against successful professionals, the wealthy, and business owners. A change in societal values from a focus on building your own wealth […]

Ten Tips for Negotiating a Texas Employment Agreement

Texas employment relationships are governed by the employment-at-will doctrine, which means that the employment relationship is subject to termination by either party, at any time, with or without cause, and without liability. Employment at will is the “default rule” under Texas law and is presumed in the absence of a specific contractual agreement to the […]

Voir Dire in Domestic Violence Cases

Although domestic violence is a hot topic in the national media right now, these cases are deeply personal and raise highly sensitive issues, about which many jurors will have strong feelings. To help ensure your client a fair trial, you need to unearth these feelings before the jury is seated. However, because of the highly […]

Streamline Trial Preparation With Requests for Admissions

Condensed from California Pretrial Practice. By Donald G. Rez and Robert F. Kane Requests for Admissions (“RFAs”) permit any party to request any other party to admit: (1) the truth of specified matters of fact, opinion relating to fact, or application of law to fact; or (2) the genuineness of specified documents.  [CCP §2033.010.]

Ten Tips for Deposing the H.R. Representative

A key management witness in virtually every employment case is the Human Resources representative who approved the contested employment decision; implemented the reduction in force; or investigated the plaintiff’s complaint of discrimination or harassment. Because of the critical role the Human Resources representative often plays in the events giving rise to the litigation, his deposition […]

Attacking Blood Test Results in DWI Cases

Excerpted from Texas DWI Manual By Deandra M. Grant and Kimberly Griffin Tucker Enzymatic assay testing is quick and inexpensive. This is the type of testing that you will typically find in a hospital lab. The process involves measuring an alcohol concentration indirectly by using the reaction of its antibody to an antigen. It is […]

Reliable Legal Research for More Than 100 Florida Causes of Action

For many Florida litigators, the most challenging, time-consuming (and, often, tedious) part of drafting any affirmative or responsive pleading is the legal research. In Florida Causes of Action, author Marc Wites has done this hard work for you.  Here is just one example – excerpted from Chapter 4, Business and Commercial Cases – of the […]