James Publishing Automatic Subscription Program

Save at least 50% and never miss an update by enrolling in our Automatic Subscription Program. If you select the Pre-Pay Automatic Subscription option, you will receive future updates to that title without any action on your part. After your initial order, all updates will be automatically shipped to you, along with a payment receipt. If you purchased a digital or online product, you will receive uninterrupted access. Following your two-update pre-paid period, you can expect modest price increases over the current retail price.The number of updates may vary due to developments in the law and other publishing issues, but most of our titles are updated every 12 to 24 months. Please call customer support at 1-866-725-2637 for additional information on update frequency and price. All sales are final, we do not accept returns. Your enrollment in the Automatic Subscription Program may be cancelled at anytime by calling 1-866-725-2637 or emailing customer-service@jamespublishing.com.

Shipment of updates


Most of our books are updated annually to reflect changes in the law, provide new forms, and improve coverage. By agreeing to the terms and conditions during checkout, you are signing up to receive these annual updates.


Updates to single volumes typically cost $79.99 plus $7.95 shipping and updates to two-volume books generally cost $99.99 plus $7.95 shipping.


These updates consist of complete replacement contents.  Simply remove all the pages in your binder and insert the new pages to stay up-to-date on important changes to the law.


You may cancel the update service at any time (including at the time of your original order) by calling 866-72-JAMES or emailing.